Lodse Theme Version 1.4 has been launched.  The theme has been submitted to the themes repository. Further the Theme Options framework has been removed to keep things clean and straight forward. This has also resulted in extremely small size of the theme.  Before it is accepted at WordPress you can still enjoy it by downloading it from here. Comments are welcome under support forums to improve the theme. Further the heard of the theme has been changed in order to be more compliance with license.

Download      Demo

Change log

Version 1.5

= 1.5 – September 7 2015=
* Added support for Editor Style
* Added support for custom background.
* Updated screenshot file
* Customizable footer notes

Version 1.4

= 1.4 – September 6 2015=
* Changed Header Image
* Added complete license details
* Theme’s name rectified at some places.
* Other fixes like fonts enqueued properly, Title tag used. Removed Titan Framework.

Version 1.3

= 1.3 – July 11 2015=
* Some fixtures

Version 1.2

= 1.2 – June 01 2015=
* Initial release

1. Minor bug fixes

2. Titan Framework not embedded in theme.

Lodse Theme Version 1

The silent features of the theme are as follow:

1. Responsive

2. Custom Favicons (Removed in Basic Ver)

3. Apple Touch Icons support (Removed in Basic Ver)

4. Site Title on Header

5. Author information ON/OFF (Removed in Basic Ver)

6. Your footer link.

7. Social links (FB, Twitter and G+) already placed in footer. (Removed in Basic Ver)